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Conversations with the players and storytellers who shaped Curling from the 1940's to the modern era. 

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Dec 20, 2018

Ron Anton was the original boy wonder.  He started skipping a men's team at the age of sixteen.  With his father at third, they reached the semifinals of the Swift Current Carspiel in 1959, holding their own against the great Matt Baldwin.  Matt's third in the event, Hec Gervais, returned to skipping a year later and recruited Ron as his vice.  Joined with Ray Werner and Wally Ursuliak, they would represent Alberta at the next two Briers, winning in 1961.  Ron and Hec teamed up again in 1974, this time with Warren Hansen and Darrel Sutton, winning a second Canadian Championship.  Ron shares many stories from his time with Hector, their battles against the Richardsons and his coaching experience during the 1967 Canadian School Boys with Stan Trout and later with Team Canada at the Calgary Olympic Winter Games in 1988.