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September 2016
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Jordan, Gerry and Kevin bring you up to date on broom technology and the media buzz around it.  Gerry shares his thoughts following a taped appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The panel discuss the physics of curling, debating what impact sweeping should have on shot-making.  Talk then turns to recent events including the success of Team Gushue and how Rachel Homan might fare playing on the mens side of a Grand Slam.

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Jordan, Gerry and Kevin chat during Thursday afternoon of the Tim Horton's Brier.  Includes coverage of the first ever Pre-Qualifier, thoughts on new branding for the CCA, controversy between Ontario teams, and results from TSN's two-game-per-draw broadcasts.

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Kevin and Gerry are joined by 2012 Scotties Champion Heather Nedohin to discuss pre-qualifiers, Nunavut's no show, and the soul of curling.  Heather shares her new experience running a curling club and playing pickleball.

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Jordan, Gerry and Kevin are joined by Chris Hodges of CTV in Regina to discuss the recent Canadian juniors, faulty hogline technology and the various Provincial Playdowns taking place across the country this week.

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Gerry and Kevin are joined by 6 time Canadian Champion, 2 time World Champion, Hall of Famer, and resident Bluenoser Colleen Jones.  They discuss how relegation could impact curling in the Maritimes, expansion of the Grand Slams and preview the upcoming Scotties. 

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Jordan, Gerry and Kevin chat between the Continental Cup and Skins, discussing the merits of these exhibitions and any changes expected in the future.  Relegation and the pre-qualification for Scotties and Brier is explained by Gerry while Jordan and Kevin reminisce about the MCA bonspiel on the eve of the first ever Manitoba Open.

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Jordan, Gerry and Kevin are joined by two returning guests to discuss their respective Provincial playdowns.  First, Richard Hart from Team Howard calls in to address their recent loss in the Ontario zones, their decision to withdraw from the Skins game and to discuss ice conditions and the OCA.  After a brief interlude, Mark Klinck joins the boys to talk about Northern Alberta cancelling most zones due to lack of entries, including the City of Edmonton.

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Jordan, Gerry and Kevin catch-up just before the holidays to discuss the recent Canadian Open, thoughts on the "tick" shot, the progress of Team Stoughton, report on early playdown results and share news on the new Asian Curling Tour.

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Join Jordan, Gerry and Kevin as they kick-off thier first podcast of the 2014-15 Curling Season.  Just before the Canada Cup, the guys discuss who's hot and who's not thus far and examine changes in the broadcast booth for Sportsnet and TSN.  Also, a chat about empty seats at Grand Slams and a shrinking live audience for CCA events.

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Jordan is joined by Gerry and Kevin just after the Women's Worlds and before the start of the Men's World Championships.  They discuss Rachel Homan's surprising loss and the process of World and Olympic qualification in Switzerland and other countries.  They cover some of the changes and challenges in USA Curling. Note: Due to technical difficulties the podcast was cut short and discussion on team rumors and Brier relegation were lost.  The boys hope to be back next week with those topics and more.

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