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Conversations with the players and storytellers who shaped Curling from the 1940's to the modern era. 

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Mar 17, 2019

Bob Weeks joins Kevin to discuss TSN's recent attempt to rank Canada's Greatest Curlers (35:45).  Bob explains how the process came together and they discuss the many challenges of trying to rank curlers from different eras.  Eventually they dig into the categories and compare their choices with the results.  Before talking to Bob, Kevin is joined by Mickey Duzyj, creator of the Netflix sports documentary series LOSERS.  Episode 4 is "Stone Cold", inspired by the first episode of Curling Legends Podcast. It tells the story of Pat Ryan, centered around his epic battle with Al Hackner in the 1985 Brier final. Mickey shares the origins on the series and reflects on his introduction to curling culture.

You can hear Pat Ryan on Episode 1 of Curlng Legends Podcast. You can also check out Rick Lang on Episode 48 and get Don Bartlett's story of the Hackner Double in Episode 39.

Be sure to get yourself a copy of "The Brier" by Bob Weeks and check out some of his other books, Hurry Hard, Curling for Dummies and Curling, Etcetera